About Us!

My name is Haden and I am Bobbin Around Creations! This has been a slowly growing business that started back in 2016. I have been an avid climber and unfortunately I had a climbing accident that left me on "Take it easy" status for a good while so I turned to sewing (luckily I am back to climbing these days). I started out with making chalk bags and have grown to making so much more. I finally took the step into fully forming my business in 2022 and have been selling in markets in my town of Valdez, Alaska as well as traveling to climbing festivals and competitions in the lower 48. And here we are at the next big step of opening an online shop! Please know that while I will strive to fill orders quickly on my end, Alaska does work a little slower than what some of us may be used to and shipping may take some time.
My goal with this company is to provide unique gear while working to minimize waste. I partner with other artists to use their scraps as much as I can and aim to incorporate around 50% of upcycled materials in most pieces I create. 
I love a good challenge so if you ever have a custom design idea, please don't hesitate to reach out on the Contact Me page!